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The R&D department is composed by skilled personnel boasting a ten-year experience using 2D and 3D softwares for graphic design, offering complete assistance in processing, development and design of every single product.

Laser Cutting and Punching

In this department we use only fully automatic digitally operated laser cutting and punching machines in order to meet the requirements of small, medium and big serial productions, providing low operative costs and an high production per hour. Technical information:...


Our bending department is provided with 7 brand new hydraulic digitally operated bending presses. The department is also equipped with an automatic bending cell made of: a bending press 4000mmx220T interlocked to a Cartesian robot which helps reducing costs on a...

Welding and Spot-Welding

The welding process is carried out through a welding robot featuring a double turning board and 15 manual welding positions (Tig and Mig). Our welders are provided with the official certificate for qualified welding operators according to EN287. For spot welding we...


Upon request we can provide coating, cataphoresis, electrolytic and warm zinc-coating treatments.

Assembling Wiring Testing

Metalsid can carry out different kinds of industrial assembling, electric wiring and testing upon request.

Delivery and Packing

Metalsid has two trucks available for direct deliveries to customers. We can also provide customized packaging upon request.